Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for the measurement?

Sign up is pretty simple. You can register here, and we will send you an invitation email to the Be Well Tracker on the 9th October (just in time for mental health week).

Once you’ve received the invitation email, you can sign up to the Be Well Tracker, and get started on completing the 10-15 minute survey! Please note that sometimes the invitation email can get caught in your inbox’s spam filter, so remember to check there if it hasn’t come through.

If you have any issues with registration, please contact

What happens to the data I provide?

The information that you provide is anonymous, confidential, and will not be shared with anybody other than the researchers involved in the project.

Data from your responses will be combined with those from other people to present an overall picture of the wellbeing of users accessing Be Well Tracker; any identifying information will be removed, and your comment will not be linked directly to you.

How do I find my invitation to the Be Well Tracker?

You will be invited to the Be Well Tracker on the 9th of October via email. This email will come through from

If you don’t see this email come through on the 9th, you may need to check your spam filter or junk folders, or contact

How many times can I take the measurement?

One of the really useful features of the Be Well Tracker is that it allows you to take the survey in the future, and track your mental health and wellbeing over time.

For this reason, you are able to continue to take free measurements on the Be Well Tracker into the future. We recommend waiting at least 1-3 months before checking in again.

Your online report will be waiting for you anytime that you log back in to the Be Well Tracker.

Who is involved in this project?

The Be Well Tracker was developed with a grant from the South Australian Government. The platform was built by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Wellbeing and Resilience Centre.

Many partners have been fundamental in spreading the word about the Be Well Tracker to the community, which you can find here.

Is this project approved by a research ethics committee?

This project has been approved by the Flinders University Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee.

Can I use the Be Well Tracker to measure the wellbeing of my organisation?

Yes you can. We partner with organisations all the time to develop a scientific picture of their people's wellbeing. Send us an email at if you are intereste exploring what this may look like.

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